Monday, October 1, 2007


Ok ladies!!!! You gotta go take a looksee over at the Scrapmojo Blog ! This is the debut day - we have finallllyyy launched!!! I've been SO super excited about this....I just can't WAIT for the first challenge to be given!! Definitely make sure you check out the CLUE!!!!! Gosh - just love that song!! Love that movie....Love Jennifer Grey...Love Patrick Swayze...LOVE that movie..yes...I admit it!! Definitely an 80's girl!! Anyhoo -go on now!! Go head on over there and CHECK IT OUT!!! And here's a sneak peak of my layout!!! Woo-HOO!!!!!


Michelle said...

Very cool! I already checked it out and I'm super excited! Lots of my favorite people!

Marie said...

hehehe yipee!!!!! I love that movie too.

micayla said...

Loving the sneak, soooo excited to be apart of this!!!

photography4me said...

The new site looks fun! Cant wait to see all the layouts. And I love this movie too. I'm such an 80's girl too.
Also like your blog. i will bookmark it and check it often.