Monday, October 29, 2007

"I want him manning a radar tower in Alaska by the end of the day. Just mail him his clothes."

I raided my mom's pictures again yesterday! This time, I got lucky and found a bunch of pictures that were my great-Nana's. So, this time, I got pictures from my Dad's side of the family! I really do love old pictures. For one, there is so much history in them and two, I love to see photos of older family members when they were younger and you can see where some of my cousins and my brother and sister and I get some of our features from. It's all very interesting to me!

This is my Grandpa Al and my Nana - I believe this at their wedding shower. And this would probably date back some time in the mid 1950's.

This is my Nana (my dad's mom) on her wedding day! I just can't get over how young she looks in this picture. So pretty! Again, probably sometime in the mid 1950's.

My Grandpa Al and Nana. This profile picture of my grandpa was shocking to me!! I can't believe how much my brother and my cousin, Justin, look like him from that view. Amazing!

My Nana and her dad, my great-grandfather.

I'll post some more tomorrow! I found a BUNCH of my dad when he was younger. He was so cute!

I'm planning on working on my next ScrapMojo layout today!! The next challenge is gonna be awesome! And if you haven't done your layout for the current challenge, get scrappin'!!!! Time will be up soon!

I made this little mini book from Elsie Flannigan's "Lola" line. It is for sale in my etsy shop! Very cute!! I also have one for sale that is made from the "Roxie" line. That is by far, one of my favorite lines of her product!

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Michelle said...

Again, no clue with the quote. I always love seeing old family photos. My grandma gave me the negatives to her wedding from 1949 to reprint and I can't wait to do that! They are black and white 4x5!

That Lola book is adorable. Roxie is my favorite line currently out but I think Zoe is going to surpass it in a few days. :0). TFS!