Tuesday, October 30, 2007


First of all: go check THIS out!! Very cool! I LOVE things like that!

Secondly! I made the Catwalk over at SisTV !!! Was totally excited about that! First time ever!

And thirdly, here is a new layout I did for Ashley Wren's challenge over at SisTV. She wanted us to scrap what we are afraid of. I am totally afraid of driving in the rain. My friend and I drove down to Louisiana for a friend's wedding in 2003, and we had just started on our way back home, and a big bad Southern rainstorm blew in. Just as an 18-wheeler drove past me, my car hydroplaned and we flew off the road into some pine trees going about 60 miles per hour. The policeman later told me that if we had not been wearing our seat belts, we would not have survived. Totally scary. Even today, 4 years later, I still can not drive in the rain. It doesn't matter if I'm driving or not. I always end up having an anxiety attack. Some day, I'll conquer this demon, but it truly does terrify me.


micayla said...

Yay for you about the catwalk!!!
I love your layout for Miss Ash, so fabby!!!

Amanda Ann said...

WOW!!! You go girl! You already know I think you RAWK!!

Krystina said...

I hear you on driving in the rain I had most of my car accidents in the FL rain ... Scary as hell

Glad you are still here with us to share your scrappyness. One of my scrap heros ;)


Congrats! You've got some great stuff here!!


Congrats! You've got some great stuff here!!

Jessica said...

OMG! congrats on the SISTV. and i TOTALLY share that same fear. The last hurricane that missed south texas this past summer brought lots of rain to san antonio. one afternoon i nearly grabbed the wheel from josh to make him pull over. i was hyperventilating. i mean, if you can't see past your hood, you shouldn't be driving.