Monday, October 15, 2007


I raided my mom's pictures yesterday! I just LOVE old pictures....and I found a whole bunch of my grandma and her mom. VERY awesome! I talked Mom into letting me take them home and scan them into the computer....of course, I have to return the original to her! BUT....what awesome pictures to scrap! I just love them!

This one is of my grandma, Sharon, and her mom (my great-grandmother Harriet) in California in 1948. I just love the old time club in the background, the car, and even the guy off to the right in the background. I love how they always wore hats back then!

This one is of my grandma, Sharon, and her baby sister, my Aunt Vynn in 1949 in Long Beach, California.

I'll save a couple for tomorrow...but, look at this old picture of my sister, Rachel, and I!! So funny!

Have a terrific Monday!


Lizee said...

wow! so much history and love in those pics:)

micayla said...

OOOH you lucky thing. I bet you cannot wait to scrap them!
I totally forgot about the tag, but I will get on to it!

Marie said...

Those are some freakin great pics!!!!!!