Friday, November 16, 2007


Umm..yeah. So it has been a while. Man, you wouldn't have even wanted to come within a 500 mile radius of me the past couple of days....geez. I have been sick as a dog. Troy finally succeeded in getting me to the doctor. I love it when they put on the questionarre: "Why are you visiting with us today?" Hmm...well, gee, I don't know. I always come here when I feel GOOD!!! I wrote "don't feel good - vomit and other lovely symptoms". If you wanna know details, ask. HA. So yeah, we spent $40.00 copay just to hear, yeah...this is just something you are gonna have to wait out. Well, good golly. How long is it going to last. I woke up at 4:00am yesterday morning and well, was in the bathroom until about 10:00am. Finally laid down, exhausted and slept for 3 hours. Felt an eensy-teensy bit better last nite....had some sprite. That seemed to help my belly settle down a little bit. Plus, I was worried about dehydration. Been there before, and that is no fun to sit in a hospital and let them drip 4 IV's into your body. So, I was trying to keep fluids down with no luck. Went to bed feeling the best I had in the past 24 hours, and wake back up this morning to the SAME DARN STUFF all over again!!??? What the heck? Arrrgggh....anyhoo - just got up from another 3 hour nap...feel LOTS better again. Trying to sip some water and see what times, I tell ya.

So needless to say, I have done NOTHING the past couple of days. BUT in better news, I FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!!!!!! YAY! I start the 26th of November. I will be in training for about 5 weeks and then I'm good to go. And Troy got a better job with more steady, reliable income. So, hopefully, things will start turning around here.

Ooo...and I when I woke up this afternoon, I discovered that the mailman had left me a wonderful package of stuff from 4 Scrappy Sisters!!! I had won their kit with that "Scrapping the Music" challenge! Awesome kit...full of great Scenic Route stuff..including those ultra cool chipboard circles that I love.

So, maybe I'll get to do a little scrapping this weekend. I sure hope so, because ScrapHappyKT is having a HUGE online crop this weekend with LOTS of stuff going on!!!! Love that place!

Have a great Friday nite....and hope you all STAY HEALTHY!!! lol


Michelle said...

I hope you sleep all night through and feel better. Congrats on the job! What is it?

Marie said...

I m glad you are feeling a little better!! Sounds sucky! I am soooooo happy u got a job! Yipee!!!!!!!!!! And cool that he got a better job! I think its gonna look up a lot!