Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The new challenge is up at ScrapMojo!!! Go check it out..super easy..and you have until the end of December to get it turned in!

Here are my projects. I started with the mini book...was totally not feeling, then I worked on the layout...not really feeling that one either..but, they are growing on me. A wee hint tho...don't EVER go 2 weeks without scrapping...totally messes with At least it did me..

The job is going as well as could be expected. Today we had training classes in the HEAT software that we will be using to track calls. Then we had a 2 hour class that dealt with the software we use to track and report defects within the software. That was an intense class. The instructor was awesome and obviously was one smart cookie..but, wow...she talked FAST..she was constantly moving...and wow...she just was just one intense! Then I scarfed down my ham sandwich in like 5 minutes....then logged into live meeting on line, patched into a conference call with my nifty little earpiece...and listed to somebody else teach for 3 more hours...*sigh*....I'm definitely ready to be done with the training part..but, I'm not ready just yet to start answering Tomorrow, I'll be listening in to other support techs again. I really enjoy that, b/c that really is very informative as to what you, as a support tech, will deal with. And I don't know if I ever did mention who I was working for. I work for a company called CCH. They are one of the industry's leading companies in a project/time management for software. Alot of accounting firms, attorneys, etc. use this software and it is even a global software as well. The other day, I was listening in on calls and we had a guy call from France and one call from Mexico. Pretty is the link to their website.

Ok...on to the scrappy stuff! Have a great week!


Mollie said...

I love all of your layouts! So spunky and cute! Keep up the awesome work!


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Michelle said...

Sounds very busy at work. Good luck with the training!

Marie said...

Wonderful job on ur scrappyness and man ur job sounds hard and sucky lol! I hope it isnt or if it is that it gets better! It seems like they should be paying you big bucks.

Jill Deiling said...

great layout, and i looove all of that felt!