Friday, January 11, 2008


Inspiration struck me tonite as I read Ali Edward's blog about her "want" book. Top that with getting a very cool kit from Story of My Life and waaa-laaaa! A project in the works. Here's a couple of scans...sorry for the scan of the front - it looks horrible b/c of the game piece on there, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to try and get a decent photo of it. So far, everything except for the thickers on the front and the masking tape in the back, have come from the kit...lots of cool stuff in this kit; you really have to see it in person to appreciate the vintage items in it. One of the things that came in my kit's ephemera package was an insurance card from the 20's. It was really interesting to look at and read. The person's copay was only .80!!! Far different from today's insurance copay's!

Basically, this little book is going to be a list of places that I would truly love to see in my lifetime. I LOVE to travel and have done some traveling about the world - but I would love add a few more stamps to passport. So far, I have spent 10 days in Guadalajara, Mexico; 10 days in the Dominican Republic; and 7 weeks in Sasebo, Japan. I really would love to visit: the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Ireland, England, Italy, and Germany. If I had to pick only 2 places it would be Ireland and Germany - most of my family is from one of those 2 countries. My maiden name was "Moeller" -very much a German name. We didn't spell it with the German spelling which would have been "Moller" with the little "o" with 2 dots above it, but I have been told this is a variation of our last name. Anyway - kinda ran off on a bunny trail there....I have truly been enjoying Jessica's blog since she and her family have moved to Germany - and the pictures and blogging she has done about the country since she moved there, has really fueled my interest in seeing that country in my lifetime. One other place I would love to visit, but probably never would simply because I do not believe it would ever be safe would be the country of Israel. There is so much history in that small part of the world that truly interests me...but, like I said, I don't feel like I would ever be comfortable traveling to that part of the world.

Well, now that I have shared my travelling wish you a wonderful Friday night!


Marie said...

This is a wonderful book my dear!

micayla said...

Just gorgeous, I love it!!

Michelle said...

Nice stuff!

Lizee said...

ooh I want to see england, hawaii and italy too:)

Actually I want to EAT EVERYTHING in Itally! mmmmm pasta gallore! LOL

I hoping to do cross this off my to do list soon:) and i hope you do to:)