Saturday, March 1, 2008

so happy for March!

Yep....SOOO happy to see March!! Why you ask...because Daylight Savings will soon be here!! YAY!! That means it will still be daylight when I get off work!! Love those long summer days! It is such a beautiful day here!! So beautiful and sunny that I got all my throw rugs in the washing machine this morning and they are all laying out in the sun right now freshly washed rugs!

I got in SUCH a mood today to organize/purge/clean my back room which is half my scraproom and half hubby's computer room....It looks SOOOO much better now! I just need to dust and vacuum and she'll be lookin' like a million bucks!

This picture is a bowl filled with some of my favorite goodies...I finally have a small little collection of fun embellishments/vintage goodies/game pieces/ fun! I love this bowl of stuff right now!

Here is a layout I haven't posted here yet.

Some pictures of the clean scraproom! Love my basket of paints! Actually I love all my baskets of goodies!! I LOVE baskets! I probably have over 30 baskets spread out around the house...just love them.

Just one of those good days..sipping ice cold water....listening to good ole' 70's & 80's the moment its' "Girls just Wanna have Fun"...the house is all clean....laundry is all done....puppies are napping in the sunshine....yeah, one of those days you don't ever want to end.

Oh - and I just had to show off my new shoes!!! Polka dots and wedge heels....luv!

Well, I'm off to Walgreens...gotta go get some pictures I ordered. I've got to get my next Mojo layout done. I can't believe that we are already up to Mojo Challenge # 10!!!! Marie is such an awesome DT leader...and you couldn't ask for better girls to work with on the Design Team!! I think Marie is going to be announcing the newest Mojo Girls, make sure you keep checking back! They are some FABULOUS girls...with some FABULOUS talent!!! Can't wait!


micayla said...

Loving the new shoes, they are super cute!
Do you fancy coming to clean my scraproom? The floor is covered with bits of thread and paper, the shelves are messy.........and I am running out of room to create!
Oh yeah and I love that layout, I finished a pack of HS alpha's the other day and kept the negatives for some reason, and now I have an idea! Thanks for the inspo'

Michelle said...

I'm looking forward to summer lighting too! Glad you had fun cleaning your scrap area. Love that picture of your mom!