Saturday, June 28, 2008

bright and shiny.

Today is bright and shiny...
With an occasional cloud passing by..
And did I mention how hot it is. Very.

Got this fun stuff in the mail yesterday - new Dozen's kit and a vintage book I found on etsy. I've really had the itch to start collecting old books again. I love books. Every kind. Old. Young. Children's. Fiction. Non-fiction. Biography. It's all good in my book. Now, that we have finally gotten Samantha out of the eat-all-mom's-books-and-her-favorite-shoes phase....guess I can go back to collecting them. Oh happy day.

Just 4 more days of work to get through and then a 4 day vacation for Independence Day.
SO excited for next weekend.

Just have to get thru the next week which will include a brand new phone system that none of us have been trained on.
And having the big bosses in town for the week.

Just got done cleaning the house.
It's smelling all nice and lemony now!
Plus, a little bit like cookies...thanks to the new Yankee ButterCream candle I bought.
Seriously, yummy.

Here's a sneak of the next mojo challenge that will be coming up on the 5th of July. I had lots of fun with this one.

And one more picture of a freshly cut lawn...gotta love that freshly-mowed-lawn smell...

Oh, and this was a project I did for the last scrapjack...I think it is probably my favorite mini book I've made.


Michelle said...

Cute mini. I hope you get lots of scrapping done over your 4 day weekend. Good luck with the new phones and big bosses!

willowthewysp said...

Blog award for you!