Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Well, as you both know, Watson and Crick are the granddaddies of DNA. Without their discoveries, I'd have nothing to do all day."

Enjoying my weekend....

Decided I really needed to clean up my back room...the back room houses my scrap stuff and the hub's computer.



I picked up this today for $20.00. Made me a very happy girl :-) Been wanting one for quite some time now!

Did these layouts over the weekend....

Changed the look of my blog a bit this afternoon. The header is driving me crazy b/c it is not exactly fitting within the header box...and nothing I try fixes it...grrrr!

Well, I'm going to enjoy my last few hours of weekend freedom. 8:00am will be rolling around way too soon for me.


Michelle said...

Cool new look. Love the before and after pics! So fun. Cute los too. I like how you used the hambly rub ons.

Lizee said...

the new blog layout is lookin good:)

im in love with ur new SATC layout!its FAB!!!

Simona Montanari said...

I totally LOVE your SATC LO!!! I scraplifted the idea: here you can have a peek at my page:
Thanks for inspiring me!
Hugs from Italy!

redmom said...

Great new look!! Check out this site it might help you with your header:

Sharmaine said...

I likey the new look too :)
Also wondered if you want to come organise my scrap stuff!!

Kristi said...

Something about reorganizing a scrap space that makes a scrapper's soul soar! I'm moving and getting a whole scrap room, I can't wait to take before and after pics!

Kristina said...

Your layouts are so cool!! =)
What's that machine you've bought??