Saturday, August 2, 2008

Its been a rough one.
But we got through it.
Somehow, someway.

My day was pretty much the norm for the weekend. House got cleaned and all dirty clothes got laundered. Such a chore that I hate.

Do you ever get in those moods where even though you have gotten new scrap go and sit down at your desk and just feel so overwhelmed with all the stuff laying around that you say...forget it. And you go watch tv? That's been me the past 2 weeks. geez. I hate it too. I'm one of those people that loves organizing and loves everything to be nice and neat and in its place...and my scrap area has SO not been that way for a while. It seems I rarely ever time these past couple of months to sit down and do some serious, then when I finally get a few hours to myself (like today) settle down with a glass of ice water and you sit there waiting to figure out what am I going to use....what picture.....then you decide to get some pictures uploaded and send them off to be printed. Go pick up said pictures. And still....nada.

Such is my life....

So, I started organizing this afternoon. And I think tomorrow, I am going to find some kind of organziational thingy or a pegboard or something to control this mess.....wish me luck :]

Here's a sneak of the mojo challenge that will be posted next week....

Here's a thank you card I made for my mom. She is making me the most beautiful quilt for my birthday!!!! I SO can't wait to see it done. It is SO beautiful. All Amy Butler fabrics that I just love ♥ !

Troy has been having to close the store the past few nights. So, its just been me and puppies. I miss him. So, I think I will take him out for breakfast tomorrow :-)

Last night, I watched the movie Con Air (the scrap room got to me last nite, oh man. What a terrific movie. Nicholas Cage has to probably me one of my favorite all time actors. He and John Travolta pretty much rock my movie world :] If you have never seen "Family Man" with Nicholas Cage - you pretty much need to sit down and watch that one too. Oh yeah..and Troy and I saw "Batman" this week. Now, you have to understand something. I'm not by any means a person that is into took alot for Troy to get me to sit down and watch Spiderman. But, this movie. Wow. I was totally into it! Heath Ledger played the joker frightening well. His role in the movie was amazing to me.

My mom has been helping my pop-pop clean out some stuff and they found these old photos which I promptly stole to scan into my computer. I'm such a sucker for old*timey photos.

Well.....I think I'm going to attempt the whole scrapping thing again...
Have a great evening!


Marie said...

ohhh those pics are fab! I hear ya bout the laundry sucks sucks! I need to get some awesome organizing junk but that will never happen! LOL!

Michelle said...

So sorry that its overwhelming. I know those nights. Hope a peg board helps you feel less cluttered. :D