Saturday, September 20, 2008

saturday nights ;]

nothing like a lazy weekend.

i went and got a fresh manicure. it was time for a change - so, i had them painted cabernet red. and i love them ♥

i also went and got a fresh haircut today. i'm in the process of growing it out. and since i have put my hair through so much the past year (coloring, highlighting, perm) has taken a long time to get all that junk out of my hair. but, i had another 2 inches taken off today and i think it is finally back to being a much healthier head of hair. hopefully, those 2 inches will grow back rather quickly since i had a bunch of frizzed, burnt dead ends cut out. had alot of layers put in. i love layers. i want to try the razor cut on my hair so bad, but my hairdresser said since i have such fine hair, it would just thin it out even more :[ oh well.

nothing planned for this evening. maybe some scrapbooking. maybe i will just climb in bed with a good book. maybe i shall watch "the silence of the lambs". or maybe i'll just waste time online ;]

have a great weekend y'all.


Lizee said...

lovin the bangs!

with bed with a good read sounds like a good way to relax on a saturday night.

enjoy! :)

Simona said...

Hey, cool new hair cut, love it!

Amanda Ann said...

Howdy!! I gave you a blog award... go check out my blog for the details. ;)

Marie said...

your hair looks fab!!! I love it!