Friday, October 17, 2008

blog type.

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Christina C. said...

yay for typecasting!!!!

the blog looks lovely. hope you finds some good stuff to shoot tomorrow. :D

Sharmaine said...

Oh so where and how did you do that!?!?!?!
Me loves it!!!
Me wanna do it too !!!!
Look forward to hearing/seeing about the wonderful photos you took!!

FormerlyLisaS said...

Your layouts have been really AMAZING lately...I am also a fan of the messy look. And I have been so inspired when I stop by!

And your blog looks cool too...I can just never be bothered to devote the time and energy to making my blog look anything different from the original blah template that I picked!! I tried my hand at creating a new header...but it's so not as fab as yours!!

Looking forward to whatever's next...