Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's been a fast and furious weekend. Not ready to go back to all. The hubs is gone this week for training. So, me and the puppies are kinda lonely...already. And he just left about 6 hours ago. It's gonna be a long week.
My brother graduated from college on Saturday! YAY for him! He got a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. So proud of him! He has worked very, very hard for this next chapter in his life.
What else happened this week...

The graduation party for said dear brother.
Two new pairs of shoes.
Finally worked on my December Daily.
Cleaned up the scrap area.
Did laundry.
Had a hamburger for dinner.
Ready for bed already.
Tired of the rain and gray skies.

And with that - I leave you with some photos from the week...


Michelle said...

Sorry that your hubby is gone for the week. Maybe look into a local photo club that might be having a meeting? Or go window shopping. I rely heavily on netflix for entertainment during the winter... Congrats to your bro!

krista said...

hope your week isn't too hubby was gone last week on business...amazing how much we miss them when they are gone!

love your blog!