Monday, January 12, 2009


I actually did some scrapbooking over the weekend! Been a long, long time since I just scrapbooked for no reason other than to scrapbook. It was nice ;-)

Last week was a very rough week. Out of work most of the week - but, I am definitely feeling better, and much more myself. I am very thankful. And I am most thankful that my health insurance kicked in on January 1st - otherwise, I would be up the creek without a paddle....

Back to working 10-11 hour days. Fun, stuff there. Ah well - guess it will be worth those extra hours when it's paycheck time.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful week.

Oh, and some things that seem lovely to me right now:

1. THIS website.
2. THIS camera.
3. THIS calendar.
4. THESE magical notecards.
5. THIS picture and THIS picture.


Beth Perry said...

I am so diggin your latest layouts! especially "the story" page... so cool!
That vintage rainbow pic is awesome. Imagine scrapbooking that photo! :P

Kristi said...

Totally loving the prince charming layout!

willowthewysp said...

Fantastic usual!
Ive left you summat on my blog:)

Michelle said...

I adore your new los! Kristi is totally stalking your price charming lo. I had that camera. You really need to photograph a lot of moving objects or the photos are boring. Kristi has it now.

Christina C. said...

love your pages!
sounds like a great weekend!
Did you see the action sampler is on clearance for 9.99 at Urban Outfitters? Not the clear one, but the chrome one. Mine is on its way already :D
have a good one.

*fauve* said...

Beautiful scrappage!And i sooo want that camera,looks awesome!

nessa said...

your layouts are really amazing! love them so much
kiss from belgium

Debee Campos said...

love the pages!
so fun :)