Sunday, March 22, 2009

i love lists ♥

  • get hair trimmed

  • be more faithful with blogging

  • go to the grocery store

  • decide whether or not to buy one of those fabulous cameras on sale at Urban Outfitters

  • be more spontaneous

  • go for a walk on my lunch breaks

  • take down and wash curtains

  • buy a lawn chair and sit outside and tan this ultra glow white body of mine

  • take more pictures

  • get all pictures backed up on an external drive

  • make myself think (just *think*) about going back to school

  • plan for vacation in June

  • save pennies for said vacation

  • call the doggie*sitting place to see how much it will cost to watch the puppies while we are on vacation

  • buy enough albums to get all of my finished layouts in books (currently they are 3 large piles of them)

  • enjoy the wonderful smell of fresh strawberries

  • schedule a visit with my eye doctor (LONG overdue!)

  • see about the possiblity of going to contacts vs. glasses

  • wrap baby shower gift for friend (have you ever noticed how absolutely cute baby clothes are!)

  • enjoy the rest of the weekend ♥


Michelle said...

Fun list! I'm so OCD, I can't wait to put a finished lo into my album. I adore your photos from the post below. And you totally should go back to school. It's so much fun!

remember moments said...

Awesome list!! I love lists too!! A lot of similarities in your list and things I need to do to.

By the do you make those super cute little hearts? I keep seeing them everywhere, but am clueless as to how to make them.

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey Melissa, thanks for stopping by and leaving some sweet words. That's just one pic on my lil' one lol I'm so busy with my photo biz,house and sickness lol but I did scrap today & I'm lov'n your stuff!!