Saturday, April 18, 2009

once again - another week has passed by without blogging. i try to be better at this, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.
it's been a very busy week - especially been busy at work...but, tax season is now over :-)

Worked on my next mojo layout this evening. It's a fun one! You'll want to check it out at Here's a sneak.

And here's a picture of my scrap desk is looking horrendous. I really need to clean it up.
Oh, and i finally got rhapsody configured for my new phone (which I am in LOVE with!) and i am totally enjoying having tunes on my blackberry now!

Have a great Saturday evening!
PS - is anyone else addicted to "Dancing With The Stars" this season??! Oh my goodnes.. good stuff going on there.
PPS - is anyone else as addicted to facebook as I am? Really - it's getting ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I adore your craft room-wow-look how organized and the wall storage-cool!
I actaully GOT OFF Facebook-insert shocked gasp here- because I felt like I was spending so much time on it. I have my 3 closest friends demanding I get back on...maybe...I feel like I already spend so much time blog surfing others sites, drooling over at Sis and answering emails as it is! Add crafting for a couple hours a day , doing (trying to anyway) laundry, making dinner, etc. Not easy...
Can't wait for the Scrap Mojo challenge next, your sneak looks yummy!! I'm trying to get ahead for the next 3 because we're leaving for Mexico for May. Fitting for the next theme after this one, huh? I'll be stopping by again!

remember moments said...

Wow - I love your scrap area. I hardly have any space to scrap and yours just looks heavenly!!

Beth Perry said...

I was VERY addicted to FB for awhile. I mean checking at least once every 30 minutes! But, now, I check it everyday...but don't worry if I miss a day. It's not so bad now. lol
(maybe the newness wore off?)
I love the sneak~
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!