Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello, Saturday!
Not a whole lot going on around there parts this past week. I had an interview that didn't go so good. Oh wells. It happens.

Last night, the family all got together at my Grandpa's house. We had a chili dog fest! Nothing like a grilled hotdog with ketchup and onions on it - YUM!

I finally bought my external hard drive this week. We ended up having to reformat our desktop - and since I have been storing all of my hundreds of pictures on it, it became pertinent that I finally break down and get one. And I feel so much better knowing that they are all backed up. Somehow (even though we have all the stuff that is supposed to protect your computer) we got a couple of viruses on it and it was becoming a pain in the rear. So, it is now reformatted and all cleaned up and it is running SO much better.
Oh, and I will never again complain about spending $5.00 a month on insurance for our cell phones. The Mann and I both have the Blackberry Storm. Well, yesterday, someone ended up having a bucket full of shake mix dumped down the front of him and said phone was in his pocket. Let's just say it died a quick death. So, we got to spend 2 hours at the Verizon store yesterday getting that resolved. But, he now has a brand new Blackberry that we only had to pay $50.00 for instead of $537.00! Fun stuff...

Well, I took the plunge. I decided to reopen my etsy shop after a very long hiatus. I closed it down when I started working full time because I just was not able to devote enough time to it. Since I am now unemployed again, I have decided to see if I can prosper at this. I made two mini books that are covered in fabric (Joel Dewberry & Amy Butler fabrics) and are made up of papers, overlays, tags, labels, etc. You can view them at my etsy shop:

**UPDATED: the above kit (orange with cream dots) is now sold.**

They were quite fun to make - I hope to add a few more once I get some different fabrics. I found a fabric store that carries Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, & Joel Dewberry fabrics! I just love Amy Butler's fabrics. They are SO beautiful! My mother has made me quilt that is in Amy Butler fabrics - I have never even used it. It's just so pretty, I don't want the dogs or cat getting on it at I think I am going to save it in case I ever have a little girl.

Have a great weekend!


danilouwho said...

Ooohhh gorgeous minis. I need more funds for sure these days. Seems like I'm finding new things I "need" every day.

Beth Perry said...

I would love to see that quilt.
And your mini look amazing!