Tuesday, August 4, 2009

birthday pictures & miscellaneous stuff

The latest ScrapMojo Challenge is up. Check it out: http://www.scrapmojo.blogspot.com.

Here are a few pictures from my birthday - I have no idea why they are loading so small on blogger...sorry about that.

Have a happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

love that layout!

Mrs. K said...

I absolutely LOVE that layout! Wowee wow wow!

And thanks for your trimmer recommendation...I have totally used the one you have but it never cut that straight for me! Can't beat the price though.

(and I'm posting from my other account, but FYI this is FormerlyLisaS. i'm not trying to be sneaky or anything!!)

Kristi said...

Your cake pic is the cutest!

Beth Perry said...

I soooo love that layout! And girl...I am loving the new blog look!!!!!
Fun pics, too!
Happy Friday!