Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello, Saturday.
I've been blog hopping today. Was in need of inspiration. Found some and thought I would share:
Need Inspiration?

1. Christina Clouse:

I have been reading Christina's blog for quite some time. If you have never "visited" her, you should. At least to check out this mini book. Possibly the best I have ever seen. Seriously. The attention to detail is quite simply amazing. It makes me want to just pull paper, punches, stamps, stickers out all over the place and just make a mess. :-)


This lovely lady's blog is just full of visual delights. I love her approach to scrapbooking.
I love her approach to photography. Always very inspiring.


And this lady has always has the best homemade crafts/projects. Sometimes, I wonder how just one person can have so many ideas in their head :-) Seriously, amazing lady.


And this lady tells the best stories ever. I always smile when I read her blog. I think because it's just so darn true and I can relate to her everyday struggles & triumphs.

Oh, and the above picture is by me :-) Digital Brush by Ali Edwards. Just having fun with a .40 cent pack of Necco hearts ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey lady! I LOVE that heart picture!!! I saved it onto my computer - would make a great desktop... :o) Thanks for sharing!

Christina C. said...

you cutie patootie. thanks for the love. sorry I'm usually just a lurker.
hope your weekend is going well. :)