Thursday, February 25, 2010

I made salsa the other day. The Mann proclaimed yesterday that I shall make fresh salsa every week ;-) Somehow, I do believe that a recipe that calls for 4.5 pounds of fresh tomatoes to make said salsa, will hopefully last longer than a week! Although, I have to admit, we have already made quite the dent in it. And I gave a bowl full of it to my baby brother. It's good stuff. I love a good salsa :-)
Today was the reveal for the February layouts from the Let's Capture Our Memories kit! They girls all rocked it out! I'll post again later this week with the layouts I completed.
Still hunting and not finding a job. Insert HUGE sigh. I'm getting very, very stressed out over this. I take care of all the bills & monies. And these days, there just doesn't seem to be enough money to cover the bills. I feel like I'm getting an ulcer from it. I am a person that worries. Constantly. I try to work on it. I honestly do. But, I let it get the best of me. Every. Single. Time. I've been so stressed out that I've been causing myself to itch so bad on my neck and face. And then it breaks out into hives. *sigh* Not good.
Positive Thoughts:
- Daylight Savings starts next month!
-Today was filled with blue skies
-I have a wonderful husband
-I'm enjoying fresh homemade salsa
-I get to have dinner with my family on Sunday
Happy Thursday
♥ ♥ ♥


Bekka said...

I'm glad you added the reminder about DS. It gives me a little hope. :)

And I love fresh salsa. Now I want to make some.

Jocelyn said...

Oh the salsa looks Fabulous!!!!I can't wait for DST.....YIPPEE!!!

Have a great day!!!

krista said...

Oh YUM!!!! Your salsa looks delicious!!!!

Enjoy your weekend,