Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We took a drive out to Bear Lake in Milton, Florida on Tuesday afternoon. The weather was absolutely beautiful! And since we drove out there with all the windows down, I now have one very bright red burnt right arm. It looks rather funny :-) And it has reminded me of just how quickly my skin burns. I have had some bad sunburns in the past - ones that I would love to forget about, but I think they have also been burned into my mind. I'm talking about the kind that leaves purple skin & huge blisters. Ouch & ouch. My skin can handle about 30-40 minutes in the sun, and it then starts to turn pink/red. Yeah. Anyway - I snapped some beautiful pictures out on the lake! I was hoping to see an alligator, but none were seen. There is actually a sign there that alligators are present so no swimming or pets are allowed. Oh well. Maybe another day ;-)
I also wanted to make an announcement here that I am teaching an online class at Let's Capture Our Memories: I am teaching how to create an altered book similar to the one I created for the SYTYCS Competition that was held at the site. The owner of the site asked me to teach a class on how I completed the book & I was more than happy to do so :-) If you are interested in taking the class, just go to the website and register and it the classroom will be in the "Creativity Captured" Forum.
Also, one other quick announcement - as of April 1, 2010, I am no longer designing for Bad Girl's Kit Club.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! It's already half way over!



Anonymous said...

So excited for you, girl!! :o) The class will be great.

Lovely pics of Bear Lake. Thanks for sharing! :o)

Michelle said...

so excited about the class! I'm all ready to go.....I think :)

Jocelyn said...

Oh this is soooo exciting!!! I am off to check out the site!!!!

Have a great day!!!

fairyrocks said...

Congratulations Melissa, they are lucky to have you at Let's Capture Our Memories...
I love altered books and will be checking you out!!

Dorrie said...

you're not a Bad Girl anymore?
what is up with that?
You rocked the house over there..

But we have you at LCOM... can't wait for the class to begin!
love ya girlie xo
(ps. you'll always be a bad girl in my books.. LOL)