Thursday, July 8, 2010

some old pictures.....

I found some pictures from last year on my laptop today. I love finding treasures like that :-) It's the little things....

A project I did last summer using a mini kit by Elise Blaha. I really wish I would have attempted to do this project again this summer. By the time this mini was done, it was about 4 inches thick.
I snapped this picture on a quick day trip to New Orleans. Lots of photo ops in that city.

A self portrait from last summer on my birthday.

A portion of my paint/mist collection from last year. I'm embarrassed to show how much that has grown since last year ;-)

And one more self portrait that I really like.

I was over cleaning my Grandpa's house tonight and he came up to me with a disposable camera and asked if I wanted it. Who knows where he found it at :-) It expired last year - but, I actually have this weekend off from work and I plan on using the entire thing over those two days. It will be fun to use actual film and have it developed and be surprised at the results :-)

Happy Thursday!

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danilouwho said...

ooooh gotta love a 4 inch thick mini!!

I'm excited to see how your disposables turn out... I really love those things, I would use them more if it weren't for processing costs which make me lazy!