Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hello, November.

My husband humored me in going along with a quick photo shoot the other evening.  And I even got the dogs to cooperate.  Slightly.  I won't tell you how many photos I actually took of the three of them to get this ONE decent one. That big black dog.  She does not like the camera. She does like her ball. Don't even try to take it away from her. Oh my.

I was pleasantly surprised at how some of them turned out.  I really have been shocked at how much I'm digging black and white photos.  I love how dramatic they can be.  I love how it can calm an image down when there is a multitude of colors going on.  And have I ever mentioned how much I love that little blonde dog of mine. She has the key to my heart for sure ;-) I told her the other day (and yes, I talk to my dogs. hehe.) that she simply couldn't get old.  She had to stay young because I could never bear life without her. Oh dear. She responded by rolling over on her back to have her belly scratched. She's too much. of the best tips I've ever read on photography:  take a TON-O shots.  This has proven to be true so many times.  I get a handful of good ones out of every 45-60 photos I take. I delete ALOT.  But, that is one of the perks of digital photography :-)


Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

I agree i always take lots of photos. These are great! :)

Jocelyn said...

These are just wonderful...the love you have for him......shines through each one!!!

Have a great day!!!

Melissa Mann said...

Aww...thanks, ladies :-)