Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Daily...

This is my first post having to do with December Daily for this year.  I feel like I'm SO behind - BUT, I do have the book put together; I have been taking pictures every day; I've been collecting receipts, papers, etc. for putting inside the book; and something new this year, I've been trying to get more of the "what's-going-on-now" pictures with my cell phone.  Most of these pictures were taken with my cell, except for the first picture here, and the picture showing the cover of my book. 

*taken with Rebel* Christmas Tree bokeh

 *grocery shopping in Publix*
have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE almonds. seriously. sooo good.

 *breakfast ate with the Mann*

*working on Christmas cards at work on a very quiet Sunday*

*self portrait*

 *the cover of my book* 
I plan on taking better pictures and explaining in more detail...

 *starbucks - need we say more?*
*display at Cracker Barrel*


Beth said...

looking good so far!

K13 said...

I love the cover and those last two pictures look great!! Can't wait to see more!