Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...{a little late!}

I'm sure I've mentioned on this blog in the past that February 14th is kinda a big deal around here...first, well, it's Valentine's Day! And 42 years ago, this handsome Mann was born in New Jersey on Valentine's Day...and then 8 years ago, this Mann and I were married at noon in, we always make sure we have a few days off from work and can spend them together. Troy planned his big vacation around this time (he got 11 days off!!) and I took 6 days off...(and then I got sick and ended up taking two more days off. that was no bueno.) Anyway...I got him that dapper new shirt and hat for his birthday from his new favorite store, Tiki Jake's. I got a new pedicure. And we both enjoyed a delicious dinner at Landry's down on the bay front in down town Pensacola. He got a ribeye with the "Melissa" topping, baked potato, and asparagus, and I had chicken and pasta with a ceasar salad. Way too yummy. And way too much. We both took home a leftover box. And then true to form, I came down very sick Tuesday evening/early Wednesday morning. It's very strange, but the week of our anniversary, I have gotten sick every single year. This started the year we were married. We had only been married about 48 hours and I guess I had been so exhausted and stressed with wedding plans that after it was all done and over with, my body just said...ok - we're done. I ended up with severe hydration/vomiting/etc. and was in the hospital for a day. Needless to say, our plans for US moving the next couple of days to a new apartment turned into Troy moving us into a new apartment. I guess it is true love if he stayed with me after all that craziness so soon into the marriage ;-)  He's a keeper, that one! 


Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

First i love your shoes. Second you two are an awesome couple! So cute! Love the pics girlie.

Jennifer said...

Loved this sweet love story. Happy Anniversary and keep well. :)