Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Life 2012

I don't think I have talked about Project Life at all this year. However, I have been playing along. I made the decision at the end of last year to tackle this project this year; the reasoning behind it was that my favorite albums that I have made since I got into this hobby are my "Week in the Life" and my "December Daily" albums. I love the glimpses into the every day; I love that it is easy to tuck away pieces of our lives (receipts, bills, emails, etc) into the album. I purchased the Core Kit, the White Album, the Grid Journaling Cards,  and the big 60 Page Protector pack at the end of last year. I have kept up with it pretty well during the year. I am currently about 5 weeks behind, but that will only take me a couple of hours to get caught up on.

I have been taking photos with my Canon and with my phone. I have used the Instagram app quite a bit for this project. It makes for super easy photo taking! I currently use the process of uploading the pictures off my phone onto my computer and creating a new file in PSE that I drag all my Instagram photos on. I then upload that to Wal-Greens and have them printed. I have found the biggest part of this project for me is to organize my photos on my PC, edit them, upload them, & print them. But, once you get that done and you have the stack of photos in hand, the process goes very quickly (at least for me)! I don't think that there is a wrong way or a right way to do Project Life. My method is very simple. I use a lot of the grid journaling cards and staple my Instagram photos right onto them and either stamp a sentiment or handwrite some journaling. I have not used my typewriter at all for this project (which is unusual for me). I am liking the personal touch the actual writing is bringing to my project (plus it makes it MUCH easier & quicker to finish). 

Here are a few photos that I've taken in July (and a couple from June) that will be included in my album.

Are you doing Project Life? Do you like it? Have you kept up with it? I love seeing other people's takes on it - there is so much variety and so many ideas out there!

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Emma Miya said...

I am not doing PL, but I have been enjoying seeing everyone's take on it. Those pics are awesome! I find that the longest part of the process is uploading/editing/ordering, etc, too!! Lol