Sunday, October 7, 2007


So, this weekend, I had orginally been planning to scrap all weekend...well, that didn't happen. The hubby has had a humdinger of a cold and decided that he needed to share that with, I have been nursing a nasty cold and sore throat all weekend. Have NOT felt good. Altho, I did drag myself out of the house yesterday and got a much needed haircut and a very lowkey perm. It basically just brought out the natural curls in my hair. But, at least my hair is looking like it has a little more life to it....and it did DESPERATELY need to be cut. I won't tell you how many months...yes, months, it has been since it got a trim. Anyhoo - this afternoon, we decided to get out of the house (thanks to the wonderful invention of Advil Sinus and Cold!), since I could finally breathe outa my nose, and go catch an afternoon movie. I just HAD to see the new Ben Stiller movie The Heartbreak Kid What a waste of 2 hours. I do NOT suggest you waste your time. It was pretttyyyy bad. Now, I'm back home and feeling miserable again. I'm gonna go wrap myself up in my blanket and drift off to never-never land...ta-ta for now.


Lizee said...

awww i hope you get well soon!!!!

ok im taking the heartbreak kid off my must see list

Michelle said...

Feel better soon! Thanks for letting us know how crappy of a movie it was!