Monday, October 8, 2007


I'm so excited!! I have made it to Class 5 at Bad Girls Design School! I'm really hoping that I will end up making it through to the very last class!! Exciting times. Class 5 did have me stumped for a while. We had to use unity and harmony in our layouts....and for some reason, I had struggles with this. However, I ended up with this layout, and am rather pleased with it!

I have also been trying to break away from always doing layouts about me. Sounds very vain, but I just have an easier time doing layouts about me rather than someone else. However, I have been determined to scrap layouts about other people lately, and I think I've done rather well!

In other news: cold medicine...not working so well. So, I'm off to curl up in bed again...have a fantastic nite!


Michelle said...

Pretty lo! I like that you are trying to branch out and scrap everything! You're doing a great job!

Marie said...

I love this!