Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Listen up, you little spazoids. I know where you live and I've seen where you sleep...."

Do you know what movie that quote is from???

Here's another layout I did today. This was for a challenge over at SIStv. I had lots of fun with this and totally loved the outcome of it!! LOVE those old photos!!

Well, I WAS gonna load up the layout, but Blogger is being stupid again. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow...Have a good nite!


Rachie Pachie said...

Tommy Boy! Love that movie! :)

Michelle said...

Well you've been super busy. Are you a fast scrapper?

shelly b said...

hey chica! wanted to say that i love the new lo's at scraphappykt! you are just rockin lately!

WriterGirl said...

That is one of my fave scenes in Tommy Boy!! Love that movie!