Thursday, October 18, 2007


I don't like rain. I know the earth needs rain and our area has desperately needed rain but I still don't like it. I wake up feeling just blah....and everything I try to do that day ends up being just blah.
On that note, let's see if Blogger will let me load pictures today. And it will! YAY! Only been trying for 2 days!

This is one of my mom's favorite photos. This is my grandpa (my mom's stepfather) and I. If you look closely in the bottom left hand corner, you can see both of our "bottles" as my mom puts

Obviously a Christmas photo here. This was Christmas of 1983 - picture taken at Grandma's house.

And that is it for pictures for now. I have a few more, but I'm using them for a project. Which I really need to get working on because it is due today...(don't read that, Marie!)! So, with that....I'm going to attempt to work on it. Over and out....


Jessica said...

i'm not big on rain either. but sit's more of a fear of riding in a car in the rain. lol. i don't mind it if i have nothing to do and can sit on my butt all day at home. it's been raining here too. blah. except it's in the 40's!! can't wait to see your LO in a couple of days!!

Kristi said...

LOL, I've been done with that project for a few days....but don't tell Marie cause she still doesn't have a pic! LOL.

I love old photos, thanks for sharing!