Thursday, October 18, 2007


So, I was TOTALLY inspired by Amber Ulmer and the cutesy little Mini Book she just posted to, I ordered a bunch of pictures to be printed and picked them up and whipped together this little book in only ONE hour!!! I shocked even myself!!! I'm gonna add a few more little goodies to it...and I really don't have any decent pictures of it...I tried to take one tonite of the cover, but I'm gonna have to wait until it is nice and sunny outside to get decent pictures of it! Here's the cover of it...excuse the horrible blur!

I don't really scrap much about my lovely furry, it was kinda nice to make this little mini book of Sammie and Lucy! Plus, any excuse to use Bampop and Hambly is good too! And I don't really think I'll ever get tired of those infamous Heidi Swapp block alphas. Love those!

It has been a very interesting day here in Pensacola. We have had horribly rainy weather today. This morning, I was sitting in my scraproom scrapping away and I hear the girl on the radio announce that a tornado was spotted in downtown Pensacola. It was heading down Cervantes Street and Gulf Power was already reporting over 1,000 customers out of power. Take a look at these photos.

I did not take these photos. My sister works for a bank in downtown Pensacola, and one of her co-workers took them. She said they could actually see the tornado through windows in the bank and watched it head down the street! I would have been very skeered!!

Gulf Breeze, FL, is about 20 minutes from where I live and as of 1:00 this afternoon, they were reporting 10" of rain since midnight. That is just unbelievable! You see that kind of rainfall with a hurricane or tropical storm. Very unexpected weather.

Well, it is still raining. I hope tomorrow is bright and sunny! I'm tired of dreary, gray days.

Have a good night!


Marie said...

Wow thats crazy!!! Love the lil book! I would be skeered too lol!

Michelle said...

That mini book is super cute! Thanks for the inspiration. So glad you are safe! Thanks for sharing photos. I've never seen a tornado in real life.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! That's nuts! I can't imagine having a tornado like that so close to me! Although, it is scary because living in Maine, tornados and earthquakes just you know, aren't a Maine thing, but the other day, there was an earthquake felt a few towns a way and we have had tornado warnings over the past year/year and a half...crazy crazy!

I can't wait to see your LO for the new challenge too! It's always soo exciting wondering how the other girls have interpreted the challenges! :)