Friday, October 19, 2007


Loved this week's scrapjack challenge! I usually do not scrap in such clean straight lines. But, I really like the linear look to this, yet it still has the messy stitching in the fabric circles!! Lots of fun with the sewing machine on this one!


I'm gonna edit this post and add some more stuff! Finally, the rain has cleared off, and I was able to get a couple of decent pictures of the new mini book I made last nite. Had lots of fun with this. Totally love this use of the Bampop frames!!


Ever since we have moved the computer into the back room, Daisy has taken to sleeping back there ALL day long! Her favorite spot is in my chair. She has an absolute FIT when I pick her up so, I can sit in it!!


Here's my sneak peak for the next Scrapmojo Challenge ..... had SO much fun with this!! I can't wait until it is posted for everyone! Plus, we have a new member on the DT!! You won't wanna miss her work either. She TOTALLY rocks the scrappy stuff!


And last but not least...a cute picture of Miss Kitty and I! It is very hard to get a picture of us together, because she always ends up digging her claws in me and that doesn't feel the greatest!


Cheryl Wray said...

Just beautiful!! Love the paper you used for the circles, and the stitching is great!

Michelle said...

Fun stuff! I like reading your blogs too. Should have some hilarious photos up tomorrow so check back. :)

Your layouts are so colorful, just love them! Totally funny that your cat likes sleeping there. I know a dog that does something very similar.

Lizee said...

daisy is sooo cute...
look at her taking over momma's chair. cute mini album!