Saturday, January 5, 2008


Well, I was so inspired by all the wonderful projects that I have seen for Elise's Paper Adventure, that I started my own book this afternoon!!! I am SO loving how it has turned out so far! I *finally* broke down and decided to use my pageframes acrylic album as the shell for this project. I don't have any pictures yet of the front because I need to wait for some natural light from the sun to get decent pictures of it....but, I am loving the look and texture of the acrylic album and the first cardboard page I put in it! Here is the cardboard page for the first week of January. The word here was "balance". And you can find out more about this project at this link: .

Also, Challenge #6 is up at ScrapMojo!! Here was my layout for that challenge....

Have a great Saturday nite!


micayla said...

Lovey, lubby, love , love!!! Girl you have been rocking those suppies!

Michelle said...

Ignore my question about the paper adventure in the newer comments. You've got me totally excited about this! Love how you used the corrugated cardboard and the other great textures.