Thursday, January 3, 2008

pink*eye+ear*infection+sinus*infection = one sad chickie

It has been one week that I would really like to forget about. Oy. That title says it all. Finally today, I'm feeling an eensy teensy bit better. Still can't hear ears are so stopped up...and my eyes are still feeling a bit like sandpaper, but at least I have my voice back. That's a nice thing.

I completed this layout a while ago, but I think I forgot to post it on here. Lately, I have really changed up my scrapping techniques/looks. I used to love lots of tidbits and embellishments, and papers..and while I still do and will still scrap like that, I have really been loving the clean/white*space/linear look of scrapping lately. Weird....because, I never thought I would enjoy scrapping that way, but I guess we all go through phases. I have also had a thing for the color teal lately. It seems like every layout I work on, that is the first color I reach for whether it be paper, embellishments, paint, etc. And I'm really lovin' that woodgrain paper and overlays by Hambly. Totally unlike my norm. I really need to try to scrap today. I haven't done anything in so long and when I go a while without scrapping, it is *SO* hard for me to get back in the swing of things. I hate that.

Tomorrow will be my first day back at work after about a week. Thankfully, Kelly Services has been very understanding about the whole "no voice" situation....and when one's job is comprised of answering phones, well, that really doesn't work out the greatest. I'm actually kinda looking forward to going back is really gonna suck not having a paycheck on Wednesday :-(

That's it for now..over and out.
P.S. - this is the only decent picture I got of Troy and I over


Marie said...

I feel so bad for you!!! Im glad you are back to normal! You two look sweet! Love the page!!!

Michelle said...

What a cute picture of the two of you. I'm so sorry to read that you are so sick! Its great that your job is really understanding. I hope you are recovering quickly. Love the lo. And I love hambly too!

Lizee said...

wow melissa,
I really love the I LOVE YOU layout.did you stamp the background?

this is definitely on my "to-lift" list!