Monday, April 7, 2008


So hard to get up this morning and go to work. I hate Mondays. And I didn't sleep well last nite, so the last thing I wanted to do this morning at 6:00am was get up out of a comfy bed and get ready for work....oh wells. Work is over for this day :-) I got home and the hubs and I went and got some Chinese takeout. I loves me some sweet & sour chicken! Plus, you know how good those pack those tins with food - so, I have me some lunch for tomorrow as well!

I was hoping I would come home to some happy mail today...but, such luck :-( I have a couple of things that should be getting here anytime...I just hope they get here early in the week so that maybe I can have a little fun with them. I'll have no scrappy time Saturday. I have to work from 8:00am to 7:00pm - 11 hours!! SOO not looking forward to it.

Here's a couple of layouts. The first one is the newest mojo challenge!! Make sure you look that up at! Fabulous challenge with an even sweeter prize! The second one is just a quick one I did the other nite before I went to never*never land. Some old photos of my grandma, my great-grandma and my Aunt. Love me some old photos!

Well - I'm off to snuggle up in bed and watch some tv.



Amanda Ann said...

Girl! I just thought you should know that you TOTALLY inspire me! You are the main reason I started thinking outside the box in my scrapping and I love my pages so much more now. Thanks for being so AWESOME!!

Jessica said...

your mojo layout is fricken awesome! love it!

Kristi said...

The vintage photos are so fabulous! I love old photos. :)

Marie said...

Beautiful mojo page and that last one is super awesome! Love the squares and the stitches! Soooo neato!

Kristina said...

So cool layouts. I really like your style. :)

Hope you have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Totally digging that lo!