Sunday, April 13, 2008


Not much to show off. I totally worked my behind off this week. By one o'clock Friday, I hit overtime - and then I had to work another 11 hours on was a long week. And I've got another starting...oy.

About the only thing I've accomplished lately was my next Mojo Layout...I wish I could show the whole thing - but, alas...I'll have to do with a's gonna be a great challenge for you ladies!

And I think that is all I have to say this nite.


Michelle said...

So sorry you have to work so much. Believe me, I can imagine what its like! I was at work until 8pm but continued working from home after that. Looking forward to seeing your newest lo! Get some sleep!

Donna. said...

Love the snek peek. I cannot wait to see the challenge!

Michelle said...

yikes!! Hope work settles down soon for you!! Lovin the mojo peek! =)

micayla said...

I too am having no time to create, even if i did the mojo is absent! EKK!
I hope work cools soon.