Saturday, May 3, 2008

drip*drip*drop*...little april showers....

....I guess it should be...little May showers. :-)

One of those ultra comfy Saturday afternoons listening to the rain and thunder while snuggled up in bed watching Season 8 of "Friends". Love those days. And totally needed an afternoon of doing absolutely nothing. This week has been crazy busy at work. And I was hoping that Friday would be slower; well, it was slower except for the fact that my phone beeped at 10:43am and I didn't get off the SAME call until 2:19pm. I was ready to just sit down and cry by the time I was finally off the call. One of those calls from hell: upgrading from a very early version of our software to the most current and....AND.....AND....completing a server move at the same time. I knew as soon as I answered the call, before the guy ever said anything it was gonna be a long one. By now, I can recognize sounds in the background - and I could immediately tell I was already on speaker phone (not a good sign) and I could hear the soft whirring of servers in the background. That can only mean one thing: the IT guy is in the server room of the client location. Yeah. To give you a little taste of what it entails when somebody does this with the software I support, here is a rundown of what had to be done: remoted into the old server where the software application was and where the current database was; found out what drive the software was installed/ran a data integrity check (thank god, it was clean!!)/had the client release/post all of the invoices, payments, & time sitting out there; logged into SQL Utilities and made a good backup of the database and placed the backup on a network drive where we could grab it at the new server; then remoted (by this I mean, I use a tool that allows me to access thier computer from my desk - can see the client machine, move the mouse, etc.) into the new server; installed the software application (took about 25 minutes); applied the patch to bring it up to the lastest version; downloaded and installed Microsoft's SQL Studio Management Express from their website; logged into Studio Express; copied the database over to the backup folder in the CPAS folder; restored the database in Studio Express; logged into SQL Utilities on the new server and created a .p file; ran workstation setup on the server (thru add/remove programs b/c this was a Terminal Server); ran a versiondb.exe on the live database; finally able to successfully log into software at server. Then the fun stuff started - had to explain to him how to map out the drive to the workstations so that the users would have full control of their CPAS folder so they could log into software and run workstation setups on all of those machines. Needless to say - I was utterly exhausted by the end of that call. So, now all you peeps have a idea of what I do at work :-)....and I'm sure you are saying, as if I really wanted to

Finally got my Mojo layout done. The new challenge will be going up in a couple of days! I really enjoyed this challenge....and I don't think it has ever been done before anywhere, either! I hope y'all like it!

Last Sunday, we went over to my mom's house for dinner - any time I go over there, I always have to sit and dig thru pictures - here are a few I found....gotta love old photos.
Hope you all have a great weekend....I gotta get some chores done now!
Bye :-)


Lindsay said...

Happy NSD! Those photos are so cute! Can't wait to see the Mojo layout in its full glory! :)

Have a good weekend and enjoy the rest of this rainy Sat.!

Lizee said...

i absolutely love the last pic of you with the pearls! so FAB-U-LOUS!

Kristi said...

I can't get enough of old photos, even if I have no idea who the people in them are I always get a kick out of seeing such a different time and quality in photo and the photo process.

Marie said...

Im lovin all the photos! You have some great ones to scrap!