Sunday, May 11, 2008


This is what we did last night:
Played Scrabble on the computer....

Troy's losing face (the 1st time around):

Our featured snack for the night (an 11 pound bag of pistachios recently gotten from the Sam's club):

We're an exciting couple,

Actually had a pretty busy day yesterday...I was commissioned to make 2 dozen Bridal Shower cards - so, that was TOP priority to get done; had to run some errands; of course, got my SoML kit in the mail, so HAD to play with that right away; then the hubs got home and we ran back out again - went to the Sam's club, went to the Innerlight store to get David a birthday gift (turned out to be a Quicksilver t-shirt); stopped at Ci-Ci's and had dinner (cheap pizza buffet!); stopped at Grandpa's to drop him off some dinner; and then back to home sweet home! Makes me tired all over again. I love Saturday's because I have them off - but at times, I think I'm busier that day than the days I go to work.

This is the layout I made with the SoML kit yesterday and following that picture, you will see pictures of my desk after all the fun commenced:

I also am SO proud of myself for ALMOST getting caught up in my Paper Adventure book! I am only 4 weeks behind now!!!!! Yeah, I was REALLY slacking on say 15 weeks
Ok. That's it for me.
Have a great rest of the weekend!


Michelle said...

THose colors and product look great togehter. Congrats on getting caught up (almost) on your paper adventure! I only ever got the first two weeks done. Someday I'll work on it again!

Amanda Ann said...

Awesome layout, of course. Heehee
Now I was pistachios!! LOL

shelly b said...

your nights sound as exciting as mine!! ha!! lovin all the scrappy stuff!

Marie said...

hehehehehe that sounds like a nice day! Man your sat made me tired!!! I love your page and your desk looks better then mine right now. Dang i need to clean it lol!

Jessica said...

LOL! Dude, my husband and I sat on the couch and watched CNN...on a Friday night. Talk about exciting.

Everytime I see pics of someone's scrap space, I have the itch to be nosey and dig through their ish! lol. Yours is no exception.