Saturday, August 30, 2008

saw him dancing there by the record machine....put another dime in the jukebox, baby..

so why did I wake up with Joan Jett singing in my head this morning....??? i do love that song tho!

i've done some scrapping this week! finally! AND - i did 2 12x12 layouts! felt SOOO good to do some 12x12 since usually all i scrap is 8.5x11. Here are the 2 layouts i did. The top one is of my dad as a little one...the second one is about my husband. i found a note he typed for me and left on my typewriter and just had to scrap it!

"happy birthday, dear arnold!"
**layout scraplifted from Michelle Clement**

some more photos i've had fun experimenting with the past couple of days...

**ttv filter by sethsquatch on flickr**

what's in store for you weekend??? me - scrapping, wishing gustav far away from here, cleaning, wishing gustav far away from here, laundry, baking, wishing gustav far away from here...

here's to your weekend!!!! hope it's fantastic!


danielle said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I love this Arnold layout-those Sassafrass Lass stickers are the best. Hope Gustuv stays far away from you!
My weekend consisted of scraping and embroidering Saturday, we went to a pool party at a friends last night and today walked along the Schuykill River in Philadelphia and watched some AWESOME rollerskaters dancing-jealous! I'm bringing out my sweet skates and skating the paths around there next weekend.
I'll stop by again soon, please stop by my place, too! I love hearing from other crafters out there.

Elaine said...

your stuff is ADORABLE and call me crazy, but i LOVE the pictures of the glass in the grass. SO CUTE! And p.s. I heart sassafras too! My favie!

Lizee said...

Surprise love notes are the best!
Super sweet of you hubby!

That Sonic cup looks delish.
I had my VERY first Sonic on Sunday--yummmm!