Friday, October 10, 2008

i love long weekends.

Had a lazy day today. gotta love long weekends ♥

Organized my scraproom. Got all 60 "week in the life" pictures printed this evening. I am going to attemp to get some of it done this weekend. well, in between the times that I'm stressing out over the class i have to teach next week at work. was told i was at the customer service stuff - so, i was elected to teach the new seasonals coming in all about customer service. can i just say - i'm pretty freaked out over it. i go to sleep at night with my lesson plan just running wild around my brain. i can't wait until next wednesday is over.

some stuffs from today.

working on a new project.

organized the scraproom.

found these lovely glass dishes at hobby lobby. i think i'll be going back and buying a trillion more. well, maybe not a trillion ;] wouldn't they look fab in the bathroom - think q-tips, cotton balls, etc. *swoon* i love organizing.

fabulous october sunset this evening.

and a new self portrait of me, myself, & i.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Sharmaine said...

Hey there gorgeous!!!
Love the photos, love the sunset :)
Love your organization!! Wish mine was like yours!

Marie said...

Dude that pic of the sunset is beautiful! I love it! I love those jars too i need a hobby lobby darn it.

Vee said...

love your space and the sp is awesome! I love long weekends too!