Tuesday, December 2, 2008

december daily


December 1st:
1. Last day of vacation
2. Got some scrapbooking done
3. Made mom's spaghetti (the best!!!!) for dinner

December 2nd:

1. Very hard to get up this morning at cold 6:00am
2. Had to let my car run for 20 minutes to defrost my windows (yuck)
3. Filled up my car with gas for 16.00.
4. Had an extremely rough day at work. Way to many testy clients to deal with this day.
5. Had an uneventful drive home.
6. Troy took me to the Cracker Barrell for dinner.
7. Did laundry
8. Watched Law & Order: SVU
9. Went to bed. good nite.


Lizee said...

i luv ur dec 2 journaling w/the type and circle stamp. it looks great!

Can you share your mom's spaghetti recipe? Im always in the hunt for good spaghetti recipe!

Michelle said...

Very cool stuff!

merryheat2 said...

Hi there sweetie
i LOvE love love your banner. is that your tree? very cool!