Sunday, May 17, 2009

i decided to follow along with this lady's project...i loved doing the "Week in a Life" projects - plus, she even has a download available with her fabulous handwriting! So, I've been taking pictures all weekend long.

This past week was a very long just seemed to drag on and on and on...i only have 8 more working days left: 2 four day work weeks due to the Memorial Day weekend! It will be really nice to have a 4 day weekend next week - but, I would work through the whole weekend if it meant I could keep my job. It is seriously hard to find a job in these parts. I've applied to some different places, but have heard nothing back yet...*sigh*, we'll just keep on trying.

Plan on doing some scrapbooking's been too long. I got some new stamps from cat's life press - yum! They have some of the most awesome stamps.

And just because I need something to cheer me up right now...these things are making me happy:

1. This lady's etsy shop.
2. This card
3. be still my heart
4. This blog
5. so fun
6. This makes my heart happy.
7. I can listen to this song over and over....
8. I wish that I owned this bag...
9. These two things are on my wish list for my birthday: one and two


Beth Perry said...

pure loveliness, my friend, pure loveliness...

Anonymous said...

awesome pictures! That beach one is beautiful and the pizza-I'll be right over!

Michelle said...

Really sorry that you are having to search for a job. I hope you have wonderful luck and find something that you love and that pays well.