Sunday, June 21, 2009


Its been a lovely week. I am definitely enjoying my time off before my next job starts. I am the most relaxed & unstressed than I have been in a long time. I think I truly needed the extended vacation.

This week (my last week off), I am planning on getting alot of crafty projects finished & completed. I have about 3 mini books in the works. I really, really need to get those finished. ASAP. For one, because I really want to follow along with this girl this week on her adventures.

I also just need to mention, that I am absolutely in love with fresh dill. I've been using it on everything lately. Yum. Right now, at this moment, I am eating cucumber slices with some low fat sour cream with fresh dill sprinkled on it. Delish.

I did complete this layout last Friday. It was a lift from a layout that Vee created.

The Mann and I went out to our favorite place last week. It has been probably about 3 months or so since we've been. I got my first severance paycheck last week, so we celebrated. I have to say, this place makes the best marinara sauce ever. I think I could just eat a bowl of it all by itself.
Friday night, we (family) all went over to my grandpa's house for homemade hoagies, jalepeno popper dip (thanks, Rachel!) and chocolate chip cookies (thanks, Emilie!). I got outside for a few minutes and snapped a couple of orange flowers that he has in the back yard. One of them turned out with some delightful, accidental bokeh. Love.

And today, I took some self portraits. Currently, I'm loving black and white photos. And as always, Ali Edward's fabulous digital brushes.

Have a great Sunday night!


Beth Perry said...

Loving the layout! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the 'go adventures'!!
Have a great week!

danilouwho said...

Isn't fresh dill amazing??
probably my favorite to season with.

love the lift. awesome.