Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday!

It has surely been a Monday here at our house. We had a terrible storm blow through yesterday, with some VERY severe lightening. At one point, I heard a terrible pop right before the lightening strike and just knew something had gotten struck. Well, shortly after that - we noticed the house getting warm....yep, it had gotten the AC unit....*sigh*....

So, the AC got turned off since it was just blowing hot air. And since it was pouring outside, it quickly became stuffy soon as the rain cleared out - I opened the windows. Nothing like bringing the hot, muggy, humid FL weather inside your house...ick. It was quite the unpleasant evening. So, first thing this morning, we got a new capacitor for the inside unit. It didn't solve the problem. Then we got a new capacitor for the outside unit. That didn't solve the problem. So, then we had to bite the bullet and call the AC guy to come out to the house (we were trying to avoid that since it is usually at least $60.00 just to diagnose the problem!), he came out and hooked up his gauge to the outside unit and said that it was showing there was an open circuit somewhere. So, he opened it all up, and sure enough the lightening had fried a few of the wire going into the compressor. I was SOOOOOOOOO thankful that it didn't fry the compressor - that would cost at least $1,000.00 to replace...which we certainly don't have that kind of change just lying around ;-) So, he replaced the wires and we are now enjoying a much cooler house!

In other GOOD news!!!! I made the Design Team over at Let's Capture Our Memories!!!!!! I was absolutely elated when I got the email yesterday asking me to join the team!!!! Make sure you check them out - there is a great group of ladies over there! We had a great cyber crop over the weekend. The layouts below are a for a couple of challenges that I entered. The link to the site is over off to the upper left hand corner of the blog. I'm super excited to be working with these girls here!! Good times for sure!

The tags that are directly below are available for sale in my etsy shop! These are all handmade by me with paint, india ink, glimmer mist, fabric, vintage tags, & stamps. They can be used for scrapbooking or cards or as gift tags!! Whatever you need them for!

These two layouts are the ones I did for some challenges over at Let's Capture our Memories! For this layout we had to use a sketch and tabs on our layout.

And this layout was based on a sketch as well!
I also made a card for another challenge, but I'll share it another time!
Have a great Monday Evening!


Anonymous said...

Love your layouts!! How did you develop the ttv pics? I'm learning and learning and learning from you!!!!
Congrats on making the new DT!! Fab!!

Euphoria said...

you have some mad skillz lil lady! So glad I found your blog! totally a follower!