Friday, August 28, 2009

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Some of my flickr faves at the moment!
1. Toral & Rick, 2. Untitled, 3. Motivation, 4. Paper Mache Dress Form, 5. weekend craftiness, 6. learn to fly

If you or anyone you know is into collecting vintage McDonald's Promotional Collectibles, I added a bunch of that sort of stuff to my etsy shop: The Mann has a ton of it from all of his years in management with McDonald's, and we are getting some of it cleaned out of here. There are some plates and lots of pins. There are also three Burger King promotional glasses featuring the movie "Pocahontas". I also made a few cards and put them up in there as well - I'm hoping to make some more this weekend.

This is a sneak for the next Mojo Challenge which will be coming your way in the beginning of September! I really enjoyed this challenge - so make sure you check it out:

These are a couple of photos that will be going in my Summer Mini Book. I love those brushes by Ali Edwards! Speaking of which, have you seen the kit of her faves that Cocoa Daisy is putting out for September!!?! WOW! I so want to get it - but I highly doubt my budget will allow that this month ;-)

The Mann and I have been spending alot of time at the chiropractor's these past couple of weeks. He has alot of problems with his back - and it really got irritated a few weeks ago and it started shooting pain down his leg...*sigh*...I hope it clears up for him soon, because he is really in alot of pain :-(

I've been doing some serious job hunting these past two weeks. Still NOTHING! The economy just totally sucks right now. I must have applied at 15 different jobs in the past couple of weeks, and have heard nothing back from anyone. Very depressing.

Well, tonight we are all going over to my grandfather's house. On the menu are baby back ribs, potatoe salad, baked beans, rolls, and brownies! Yum (minus the baked beans..ick!).
I'm very excited to start the workshop that Elise is teaching next week! Looks like there is a big group of fun girls that will be involved! Can't wait to see what all we learn!
I'm off to pick up some pictures! Have to finish up a mini book project this afternoon and I've been putting off printing the last few pictures I needed...
Over & Out.
Happy Friday!


Jocelyn said...

So sorry to hear about the job hunting...this economy is in a bad place right now!!! The class sounds like tons of fun and I so adore your pics!!!!! Wishing you a great evening and dinner..sounds yummy, minus the baked beans...!!!!

o~girl said...

Sorry too, to hear about the job situation. It is tough out there. I pray you'll be blessed in many ways. :) I'd like to know if you have a link to Cocoa Daisy's kit for September with Ali's favorites in it. I'm trying to get a look at it but I'm having no luck finding info about it. Thanks!

Melissa said...

@O-girl: here is a link to a picture:

Here's another link:

Hope that helps!

Michelle said...

Very cool stuff. I adore the little photo collage of your niece/relative. And that blueberry dessert looks oh so yummy. Recipe? Good luck on the job search. I am really wishing I didn't work so much so I could be creating like you. Love the sneak for the new mojo challenge too!