Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since I need some pick-me-up right now (the whole trying-to-find-a-job thing is getting depressing), I decided to just post some of my favorite shots from the past month....the above picture is my cousin, Ellyse, and my sister-in-law, Emilie. This was at a family dinner we had last week.

I may have posted this picture in the last post - but I love the clouds in this one. This was taken at Fort Pickens last week. It was a beautiful day out and the clouds were behaving quite nicely :-)
Down at the Pensacola Beach Pier - love all the color.

The famous Pensacola "Beach Ball".

This was an accidental shot that the Mann actually took :-) And I love it ♥ ♥

Homemade pizza is the best! I love pizza and could probably eat it every day - the night that I made this, we sat down to eat and after a few bites the Mann looked at me and said "if you make pizza like this, I could go for having this once a week!" Woo-hoo! Usually pizza is at the bottom of his food list :-)

A ttv frame I put on one of the pictures I took of the flowers at the chiropractor's office.

Another group shot of the family dinner last week. My cousin, Ellyse, was quite the camera hog ;-) She had no qualms about being the direct focus of the camera!

And one more of Ellyse!
Happy Tuesday!


Jocelyn said...

So sorry about the job...I have a dear friend going though the same thing as it tough at there!!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!!! I so enjoyed seeing them all!!! :)

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about no job-major bummer!!!
That mini book looks awesome!!
and how do you do the ttv? with photoshop?? YOU gotta email me and give me the deets!!!

Bekka said...

Hmmm...the pizza or the mini...I can't decide which one I like looking at more! :)

Beth Perry said...

hahah I love that you call him 'the Mann'...it makes me smile everytime I read that! Loving the gorgeous, inspiring photos!!!!
And that mini looks killer!!!
I can't wait to see your Vee mini!! :D

Anonymous said...

Girl - this is just awesome. I LOVE that pic that Troy accidentally took - there's just something about it, and with the editing, it's great!

Keep 'em coming! :o)

Beth Perry said...

I came home and took a nap today. lol So, I am going to have to do my delight day 4 tomorrow. oops. lazy me. hahaha
But, yes..it was soooo much fun! Is tomorrow the last day? I completely forgot how long this class lasts. lol

Vee said...

love the design of your blog, your banner is tight! awesome pics, hope you find a job soon and have a great weekend! xo

Michelle said...

How fun! Loved seeing all the photos. Don't get depressed please. Enjoy your freedom while you have it! <3

o~girl said...

It's been a while since I've been by your blog. Love all your photos! I'd like to know which typewriter font you've used on the photo with the Pensacola Beach ball with Ali E's "seaside". I've been looking for a clean typewriter font. Take care...have a beautiful day!