Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello, Friday.

This has certainly been an extraordinarily busy week here.

Monday felt like a catch up day from the weekend. Tuesday, the Mann had off from work (shocking!), so we headed down toward the beach and ended up going to visit Fort Pickens. The fort was severely damaged during Hurricane's Ivan & Dennis and just reopened this year. It had probably been close to 20 years since I had been out there - I vaguely remember going out there on a school trip back in my elementary years. It was an absolutely beautiful day out - the drive along the beach was just spectacular! I got some great shots of the ocean and out at Ft. Pickens. I learned while we were out there, that Geronimo and many more Apache were held as prisoners at Ft. Pickens during the 1880's. Troy and I walked through the entire fort - thankfully, it was MUCH cooler inside the fort than it was outside and there was a nice, stiff breeze coming in off the water. I got slightly sunburnt, but not too bad :-)

Inside the Fort

**ttv filter credit due to Nesster on Flickr**

**ttv filter credit due to BillionStrang on Flickr**

Wednesday, my family laid my cousin, Thomas Edward Jurkowich II to rest. He was unexpectedly and shockingly taken away from us last week. He was only 19 years old. It was a very hard day - but the memorial service for him turned out to be just fantastic. So many friends and family came and showed their love and support for Thomas and his family. We will always miss you, Baby Tom.
Thursday, the Mann was having an big inspection at the restaurant he works at - however, the person that was handling the review, ended up having BIG problems with the computer he was using to record handle times/etc. The computer ended up crashing, so the inspection was cancelled. Then that evening, Troy and I, my brother, his wife, my sister & her husband, my mom, my Uncle and his 2 kids went out to visit with my Mom's stepdad and his wife. After that, my brother, sister, & I met up with my cousin, Sommer, who was visiting this past week from Oklahoma until about, it was a very long day yesterday. I was glad to get home and lay down and sleep :-)
Today, the Mann is back at work; I started working on a new mini book yesterday - I'm going to be putting some of my favorite pictures that I've used ttv frames on. The base of the book was the little chipboard mini kit that Debbee (Campos) Ruiz put together for Me and My Big Ideas. I bought the mini months ago, and finally decided to put it to use. I decided when I started to put it together to put together a little tutorial with it - so you can see my process! I have really enjoyed putting all the pictures together this morning - and hopefully, will get it all posted later this weekend.
I'll put up some more pictures from the beach visit later on. Still working on editing all 139 photos I took ;-) Which reminds me, I really need to back everything up this weekend!
Have a great Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

139 pics? that's a lot to edit! Can't wait to see them when you're done. Beautiful pics of the fort there, too. And sorry to hear about your 19 year old cousin. So young! Hugs to you and your family.

Jocelyn said...

I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your very young and that is soooo sad!!!! Wow you did take a lot of pics but I always do also.....You never know when that PERFECT Picture will happen...Can't wait to see some of them!!! Have a great weekend!!! :)

Beth Perry said...

Sorry about Tom. I am glad the services turned out well.
Loving those photos!!!! Can't wait to see your mini!

Anonymous said...

I lve your header girl! A turkise typewriter is definitly something I need:)

Michelle said...

So sorry to read about your cousin. Its a shame he died so young. My thoughts are with you and your family. Love the fort pictures. Very interesting history.