Monday, August 10, 2009

Those are some of my favorite fonts at the moment...I really spend too much time at :-)

I scrapped my little heart out this weekend! I had intended to get six layouts done - but, I was one short...oh wells! Trying to use up some of this stuff I have just sitting here...I know I'm gonna want some of the new stuff that came out at CHA this summer - so, I need to start using up some of what I have :-)

This is my brother and sister-in-law on their honeymoon to Hawaii in May of 2008. (Obviously, trying to use up some of the insane amount of Thickers I have.)

This is Troy at one of our all time favorite places: Red Robin! They finally, finally after 4 years of living down here opened one up. We used to go to the one in Glasgow, DE, all the time when we lived up North - and then we were deprived for 4 years until they opened one just this past spring in Pensacola! This picture was taken on the 4th of July. Our waitress that day was awesome and brought a couple of different dipping sauces for the bottomless fries; my favorite sauce was the barbeque one they have - sooo good!

This picture was taken the same day at Red Robin - I tried their freckled lemonade!! YUM! It was SO good and refreshing with chunks of strawberry in it...yum-yum!

My favorite summer time fruit! I LOVE strawberries!

And on this one, I used some new Adirondack color washes and a new Glimmer Mist...I loved the look it created when they mixed inks on the paper. Oh, and I found a great resource for the Adirondack color washes. Everywhere I had looked for them, they ran between 5.00-6.00. Well, I found a website that sells them for $3.70 a piece! And they had a LOT of colors. Go check out this site:

Hope you had a good weekend!


Beth Perry said... that last layout is MY FAVE@!!!!! LOVE LOVE!!
and what a creative way to use up alphas (or numbers. lol) on that first layout! Great idea! And even cooler is that Hawaii is spelled out in the one square. You are sooo creative my friend. Loving all the projects you got done this weekend. I am thinking about creating something myself tonight. :D

Jocelyn said...

Oh My Gravy...these are all STUNNING!!!!! I have a ton of pics....would you like to do some pages for ME!!!!!! :) Just love all the colors and the last one with the misting is PERFECT!!!! Have a great day filled with smiles!!! :)

Amanda Ann said...

AWESOME layouts!! And I LOVE that lemonade!!! I haven't checked to see if we have any Red Robin's near us now that we live in CT. Now of course I wanna go really bad!! You keep making me want stuff!! LOL

Vee said...

awesome layouts! i love those fonts too and off to check out that site, thanks for the link! :)

Michelle said...

Love all your pages and how you got 5/6 done! I need to take some lessons from you!