Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

I finally remembered to post all of the pictures from the inside of this mini album!! This is one of my favorites that I've done recently. The base of this mini is from a mini book compilation that Debee (Campos) Ruiz made for Me & My Big Ideas. The other little tidbits were just things I've had laying around - used up alot of little scraps in this mini!

Front Cover

Back Cover (Blogger was loading the pictures very weird )

And all the rest are the inside pages...

I had two job interviews yesterday - hopefully, one of them will pan out. I'm really tired of hunting for a job...really tired of it.
Nothing else is really going on today - I ran out to Wal*Mart earlier this morning and got some stuff - we were down to bare bones in this house in the grocery department...tonight, I'm cooking up some chicken that has been marinating in Zesty Italian Dressing - I'll cook it on top of the stove and then serve it on a salad with lots of croutons! One of our very favorite dinners - and it's SO easy to make.
Oh, I put up some new tags in my Etsy shop: [ ]. These are all handmade by me with paint, ink, thread, fabric, vintage labels, tags, & glimmer mist.
Happy Wednesday!


Beth Perry said...

well,it's about time!!!!!!
haha JK!
Love love love it, girl!! So beautiful and so inspiring! Going to check out your new tags! lol

Marie said...

I am in love with that book! Awesome girlie!

maz said...

Utterly gorgeous- love your work!

peata said...

cool mini book.